Experience is the teacher of all things

I was honored to be asked to be involved in the mock interviews for Kilmarnock Academy and Stewarton Academy recently. The format was pretty straight forward, pupils arrived at Utopia and were given a 15 minute interview in order to give them a taste of what their first real interview for a job, apprenticeship or even University place might be. For me, it’s a great opportunity to give feedback and even try out a couple of curveball questions that I might add to Utopia’s genuine interview process.

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This blog has been 5 years in the making!..

Five years ago today my team and I embarked on the age old advice of Confucius in an attempt to “…do what we love, so we would never have to work a day in our lives.” We shifted our focus onto building the world’s best PCs and re-launched our website allowing customers from all over the world to buy computers built by us, and little did we know it would be one of the best business decisions we would ever make.

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Honesty In Everything We Do

I love flying, there is something exciting about the takeoff and even when I’m not going on holiday just being at an airport brings back feelings of holidays past as well as an excitement of what the future may hold. I was recently flying out of Bristol airport with EasyJet along with my two kids, aged 8 and 6 and my wife aged…well she would probably prefer I didn’t share that. Now at this point you are probably thinking why on earth is Craig talking about flying? I thought this was a tech blog about Utopia and business? Well, I’m going to use my recent experience with EasyJet to illustrate why I believe businesses can’t play with honesty and the part honestly plays at Utopia. Continue reading “Honesty In Everything We Do”

Utopia’s Journey to GDPR Readiness



GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), it’s an acronym that if you run a business you will have heard of. If not you better get researching, by May 2018 new legislation will be coming into force that will change the way we need to inform our customers about the data we store as well as giving Mr and Mrs Public far more concise rights to that information, including the right to be forgotten. In this blog I don’t want to talk about what GDPR is, there are plenty of blogs out there that already do that very well, no here I want to talk about the steps Utopia has taken to ensure my team and I are ready for May 2018.

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