Scottish Business Pledge

At Utopia we consider our team our family and alongside that we try and spread this love beyond our business, encouraging Utopia’s team to use some of their time at Utopia to help out with local causes and generally make the world the best place we can.

Three years ago the Scottish Government launched a business Pledge made up of nine pillars. When the team and I read it we felt as if it was made just for us! With an emphasis on, as they put it, “building an even more courageous, competitive and forward-thinking business opportunity in Scotland.” As part of Utopia’s commitment to doing all this and more; we signed up immediately.

Last week I was fortunate enough to sit down with nine other business leaders and the Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work to discuss what the next steps for the Pledge look like.

It was a truly awesome meeting, held at the historic Bute House in Edinburgh. While the conversation was polite (boardroom etiquette was certainly being followed), it was also open, exciting and thought provoking. In truth I think we could have discussed the subject well into the wee hours. The time, did of course fly by and now I look forward to reading the report that results from it.

So today, the reason I wrote this blog was to pose this question to all other businesses in Scotland, Why have you not yet signed up for the Scottish Business Pledge? Currently only 0.2% of businesses have made the commitment, so if you want to stand out from the crowd then the Pledge is a good start!

The cool thing about the Pledge is that it is quite self prescriptive, there are no major hurdles to prove you are doing what you say in the application and even if you are not achieving all 9 pillars at the moment, you simply have to just be, ‘working towards’ them.

You can check out the full list of the nine pillars along with details of the 496 businesses already signed up here. As I read this back, it’s plain to see that I am a supporter of the Pledge. My time on the Living Wage Leadership panel has taught me to encourage discussions around the eradication of in work poverty, for me the Pledge is a big step in the right direction, bringing this conversation to the forefront of many businesses boardrooms.

I would suggest if you are a forward thinking, ethical business looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd get yourself over there and signed up. Of course if you want to know about Utopia’s experience of the Pledge beforehand, get in touch..I’m always happy to discuss ethical business practices!

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