Happy birthday…to your PC!

At Utopia we love the computers we build, we really really do, and we know you love them too – your weird and wonderful order names tell us that. Here’s just a few to give you a taste: ‘Glorious Glowing Box of JOY’, ‘Juan-Fandango-Tripping-The-Light-Fantastic’ and ‘Cardo’s Magical Box’ with ‘Buttons and Blinking Lights and Funny Noises and Strange Manners’, it’s clear that you hold them dearly too.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to share our mutual love by sending out birthday messages to systems that were one year old that day. Each day of the last two weeks we sent personalised messages to the computers that were born the year previous. We done this to celebrate your computer’s birthday like any other birthday, and also to keep in touch and let you know we’re here to help or just have a chat. We recognise that after a year of intensive use, Windows can sometimes need a little TLC to get it back to ‘out-of-box’ performance.

The feedback has been great and it has in many ways delivered to many of you exactly what we wanted, some fun alongside a reminder that we’ve got your back.

The added bonus which my team and I did not expect was from two customers whose computers were not running well at all. Yes, I said bonus!

We’re great at fixing problems, in fact, we pride ourselves on it. We’ve helped Utopia customers from all over the world, some of which have been in some pretty sticky situations, for example when a Windows update crashed a critical system just before a large render project was due…we got that one back up in running just in time. When a customer traveling abroad for work smashed his Utopia laptop screen, we shipped it to his next location and guided him step-by-step on how to replace it himself. No matter what the situation is, or how frustrating it can be to have computer down time, we’ll do everything in our power to get you back up and running. That’s our promise.

So back to our two clients who had issues via email… you see, they hadn’t told us about these ongoing issues. No email, no phone call, no message on social media, and with that we were oblivious that the issues even existed, and that scares me a little. We hate to think of a Utopia system out there not performing to our seriously high standards, and us not being able to do anything for it. Thankfully, we’re now working with these clients to get their issues resolved and back up and running at 100%.

So with that, we will continue to send birthday messages and remind you all, if you ever have an issue, no matter how big or small, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help, and remember, all our systems come with a free lifetime of tech support… so you’re stuck with us for life! 😉


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