This blog has been 5 years in the making!..

Five years ago today my team and I embarked on the age old advice of Confucius in an attempt to “…do what we love, so we would never have to work a day in our lives.” We shifted our focus onto building the world’s best PCs and re-launched our website allowing customers from all over the world to buy computers built by us, and little did we know it would be one of the best business decisions we would ever make.

We had already built PCs for local clients, gamers and businesses for around 15 years previously. We had a website that sold all sorts of computer hardware, but nothing that specifically focused on what we loved, awesome PCs. At the time it was a big risk, dropping 100’s of lines of products to focus on own brand systems.

We still have the very first Utopia system order from the new site framed on our workshop. I can clearly remember the order email coming in to this day, it was a Hero-11, a super compact gaming laptop. That first order had arrived just hours after we a launched the site and I knew then we had made the right decision.

Moving forward over the last five years, we have continued to grow our team, turnover and client list. Our systems have won countless industry awards, and as a business our practices and quality of products have seen us collect awards including Ayrshire’s best manufacturer, to PCR’s Best System Builder in the UK – both of which we collected last year. Every award and nomination really means a lot to us, but these two specifically meant a huge amount to our entire team as we’d always dreamt of being hailed the absolutely best in our field.

Next month we will be defending our Best System Builder title as well as taking on Asus, MSI, Scan and Terra for the Specialist System Builder Award in a glitzy PCR Awards event in the heart of London. Wish us luck!

Of course awards are fun, but nothing ticks our boxes more than seeing customers love our systems and coming back for more. When we see the cool places our systems end up, from running amazing VR exhibitions in Dubai, to rendering the animations for popular TV series like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice – knowing the best minds in a range of industries use and trust Utopia is really amazing.

We have grand plans for the future, and while there will always be surprises along the road, we’ll certainly enjoy the ride. Here’s to the next five years!


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