Utopia’s Secret Sauce – Building the world’s best computers

You will no doubt have heard of Brewdog, the simply outstanding Scottish brewer of craft beers that the team at Utopia enjoy a little too much! I have always admired the fact that Brewdog openly share the ingredients of all their beers, in their own words, “After all, sharing is caring…”. You would think that their ingredients would be a closely guarded secret, but they know that making beer is more than just the ingredients. With this in mind the team here at Utopia thought we should share how we build our award winning PCs,  and just like Brewdog, we have always known that any product is more than simply the sum of its parts. In this blog I want to share with you just how we go about building the world’s best PCs – Utopia’s ‘secret sauce’ so-to-speak! So whether you are a customer, past or present, a tech enthusiast that builds their own systems or even a competitor, by the end of this blog you will know just what it takes for a computer to be worthy of the Utopia brand.

 “…any product is more than simply the sum of its parts.” 

We have been building computers for over twenty years. In that time we have learned a lot of lessons, one of the biggest being that there is no shortcut to building the best PCs in the world. During this time we have curated a 133 point checklist that every PC we build goes through. So whether you are buying one of our Helix gaming desktops at £750, or one of our monster 4 CPU Sonox C4 workstations at £50,000+, your system will go through our unique and rigorous stress testing and quality checking  process.

An Nvidia GPU being installed into a Utopia Ballista PC.

If you know Utopia, you know that we only use the finest hand-picked components in our systems. However, even the best parts in the world are sometimes affected by variables that are out of our control, for example, manufacturing defects, shipping damage, and many other possible sources of component failure that can occur before the components we use in our systems even arrive at our HQ. The manufacturing process that we designed in-house allows us to weed out any of these defects and ensure every system leaves Utopia ready to take on the world, we call it our Prolog, a cheeky play on the word Prologue.

A high end Intel CPU ready for cooling to be installed.

Our ProLog is split into 4 sections. We call these sections chapters, as we like to think that we are recording the story of each system coming to life. I have given an exert from the first 2 chapters below – you can see the level of detail we look at.

Chapter One is all about getting everything ready for a smooth build process.

Chapter Two sees the system come to life for the first time. Always an exciting stage.

Want to see the full list? You can download it at the bottom of this blog…

So why do we do this? You’re probably thinking “surely we could save time by assuming that some of these items have been checked?” Well, it’s all part of ensuring that every single system exceeds our clients expectations. You can be sure that our systems are the most reliable in the world, and it’s part of how we market ourselves. It also always us to deliver on our 10 year limited warranty. We have an unbelievably low return rate, this figure is achieved by following these strict procedures.

The first tests we run are very targeted, and put a high amount of stress on individual components. We use a range of apps detailed in the checklist, each one chosen for their ability to exert load onto a certain component, with every component targeted at one point during this process. This takes about 6 hours all in. The operating system is then loaded, with all approved driver updates then installed.

Once this is complete, we run a suite of benchmarks that gives us all the data we need to make sure your system is performing as expected. We use 2 utilities with the specific intention of pushing the hardware to its extreme limits. These utilities are often left looping when the system is in standby for the next step in our build process. Running these utilities at the same time stresses all aspects of the system simultaneously, and causes temperatures to increase to their absolute maximum. We then monitor the temperature of each system to ensure adequate cooling and acoustics, and to ensure stable operation even under extreme loads. These temperatures are all recorded and compared to a database of temperatures of similar spec systems, ensuring our results match what is expected.

Most problems uncovered in our burn-in process are found very early – any memory problems are usually found within 5 minutes, and any temperature problems within an hour. Every stage of Utopia’s process  is peer-reviewed to ensure accurate results.

Our Renegade high performance watercooled  system.

We wanted to share this process so we could give a glimpse of the level of detail we look at with  every single system we build. It’s not just a sum of random parts frantically put together and thrown in a box – it couldn’t be further from that. Building high performance systems is our craft, and it has taken many years of experimentation, research and development to get where we are today.

We have never pretended that our systems are the cheapest on the market, but we will whole heatedly say that they’re the best on the market.

If you have any questions about anything in this blog or perhaps have a question about another aspect of what we do at, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, my direct email is craig@utopiacomputers.co.uk.

Link to Utopia System Prolog.pdf

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