Honesty In Everything We Do

I love flying, there is something exciting about the takeoff and even when I’m not going on holiday just being at an airport brings back feelings of holidays past as well as an excitement of what the future may hold. I was recently flying out of Bristol airport with EasyJet along with my two kids, aged 8 and 6 and my wife aged…well she would probably prefer I didn’t share that. Now at this point you are probably thinking why on earth is Craig talking about flying? I thought this was a tech blog about Utopia and business? Well, I’m going to use my recent experience with EasyJet to illustrate why I believe businesses can’t play with honesty and the part honestly plays at Utopia. Continue reading “Honesty In Everything We Do”

Utopia’s Journey to GDPR Readiness



GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), it’s an acronym that if you run a business you will have heard of. If not you better get researching, by May 2018 new legislation will be coming into force that will change the way we need to inform our customers about the data we store as well as giving Mr and Mrs Public far more concise rights to that information, including the right to be forgotten. In this blog I don’t want to talk about what GDPR is, there are plenty of blogs out there that already do that very well, no here I want to talk about the steps Utopia has taken to ensure my team and I are ready for May 2018.

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The end of the PC… As we know it

Desktop sales are all a bit depressing just now aren’t they? Well all hope is not lost, in fact in the next few minutes I’m going to explain why I think we are entering a new age of resurgence for desktop computing. Firstly let’s start with the bad, respected research firm Gartner Inc. have recently reported that PC sales, “..have declined for the eighth straight quarter, the longest-lasting decline in the industry’s history.” It doesn’t get much more doom and gloom than that, does it?

Global PC Sales have declined for the eighth straight quarter, the longest-lasting decline in the industry’s history. Continue reading “The end of the PC… As we know it”